Stripe - Common Issues and FAQ

Why am I getting "Missing Stripe Token" when adding a discount code at checkout?

This is caused by your checkout page being cached. You will need to remove caching from your checkout page. 

We often see this caused by customers using CloudFlare caching. Here is an article from CloudFlare's support which will help you to remove caching from your checkout page:

What is used for the statement descriptor?

The statement decriptor is what your customers will see on their credit card statements when they purchase from you. You can set a statement descriptor in your Stripe settings under Dashboard → Downloads → Settings→ Payment Gateways → Stripe → Statement Descriptor. However, if you leave that blank, the items purchased will be used instead. Note that the purchase summary can only be 22 characters because that is the limit put on the length by credit card statements. If you have entered a statement descriptor into your Stripe account, note that it will not be used. Note that certain characters (< > ” and \) can not be used and will be automatically removed if used.