Email receipts and/or notifications are not being sent

There are a variety of different emails sent through Easy Digital Downloads and some of the extensions. These include purchase receipts, new sale notifications, product submission alerts, license / subscription expiration notifications, vendor registration, and more.

If emails in your store are not working reliably, please consult this guide for simple solutions.

First, you need to identify which emails are not working. If it is your email receipts that are not being sent, please confirm that your purchase records are being marked as Complete. Email receipts do not get sent under purchase records are set to Complete. If your purchase records are not marked as Complete, refer to the FAQ on resolving Pending payments.

Once you have confirmed it is an email delivery problem and not an issue due to payments being left as Pending, continue reading below.

Reliable email delivery is incredibly important for eCommerce sites. Unfortunately, non-reliable email delivery is a common problem with cheaper and low-end hosting accounts. Depending on your hosting account to manage email delivery is not a good idea, especially as hosting accounts are often affected by a number of limitations:

  • Low sending limits, sometimes less than 250-500 emails per month
  • Slow email processing, resulting in delayed delivery
  • Poor support for modern HTML emails, resulting in frequent delivery failures
  • Overly aggressive spam filters, resulting in emails getting improperly flagged as spam
  • Shared email servers, meaning other accounts with the same company can negatively impact your service

These limitations can frequently result in your emails not working. To resolve the problem, you need to connect your site to a dedicated email delivery service.

There are a number of services available that you can choose from:

These services will allow provide you with near 100% email deliverability are an incredibly affordable cost. They also offer a number of other excellent features, including:

  • Open rate reporting
  • Delivery rate reporting
  • Re-send capabilities
  • Better spam protection
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Email authentication
  • 24/7 technical support

Each of these services also offer WordPress plugins available from the plugins repository that make it exceptionally simple and quick to connect your site to the service.

If you prefer not to use one of these services or have your own SMTP server, there are a number of SMTP plugins options available from the plugin repository that will route your email through an SMTP server. We do not recommend using a custom SMTP server unless you're comfortable with configuring the server and know what you are doing.

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