Commissions Setup

The  Commissions add-on allows you to automatically record and track commissions for download sales. A commission is a percentage of the total product price that is paid out to a specified user, meaning that this add-on allows you to create a marketplace type of system where you give authors a certain percentage of each sale, just like the Envato Marketplaces.

Once you have the Commissions add-on activated, a new menu item called "Commissions" will be added to your Downloads menu, as shown below:

This "Commissions" page will list a table of all recorded commissions, as shown below:

Each commission is attributed to a user and a download product. Each commission also has a rate (the percentage of the product price), an amount (the total paid to the user), and a status. The status is either "unpaid" or "paid".

Activating Your License Key

The Commissions add-on comes with automatic upgrades for all license key holders. To activate your license, go to  Downloads > Settings > Licenses and enter your license key under the Commissions section. Your key will be automatically activated when you click Save Changes.

Setting Up a Download to Record Commissions

To enable the tracking of commissions on a download, go to the edit page for the Download product, locate the box on the right side of the page titled "Commissions" and check the box there to enable commission tracking:

Once you have commissions enabled, you need to set two options:

1. Type - this is the type of commission you want to award users. Either Flat or Percentage.

2. User ID(s) - this is the ID number (or ID numbers) of the user(s) that should be the recipient of the commission. You can locate the ID of the user by going to the Users page in your WordPress admin.

3. Rate - this is the commission rate. If you have chosen "Percentage" for the Type, then this is the percentage of the item cost they recipient will be awarded. For example, if you enter 50 and your product price is $10, then the commission amount will be $5. If you have chosen "Flat" for the type, then this is the whole amount the recipient will be awarded.

Now anytime this download (which has Commission is enabled) sales, a commission will be recorded for the user you have specified.

Note, if you would like to setup a  global commission rate that every commission recipient receives, you can do that from Downloads > Settings > Extensions.

Displaying User's Commission Statistics

The  [edd_commissions] short code can be used to display all paid and unpaid commissions for the currently logged-in user. This short code will display two tables: one for paid commissions, and one for unpaid commissions. See the screenshot below:

This short code will also include an option that allows the user to export their paid commissions to a CSV.

The  [edd_commissioned_products] short code can be used to display a list of products that the currently-logged in user receives commissions for, including the total sale count for each.

Paying Out All Commissions

To payout all commissions at one time, you must pay the commissions via PayPal. If you wish to use a different payment system, you can, just not automatically.

From your Commissions page, there is a button in the top right that says  Generate Mass Payment File. Clicking this option will download a .csv file containing the PayPal emails and amounts for all commissions. Simply log into your PayPal account, click "Send Money", and then select "Make a Mass Payment". From this screen, upload the .csv file downloaded from WordPress, review and sumit.

Once you have downloaded a payment file, all unpaid commissions will be marked as paid. The payment file will only include unpaid commissions.

After commissions have been marked as paid, the "Commissions per month" graph on the Reports page will be updated to reflect the total amount paid out.

If you would like to payout Commissions instantly (at the time of purchase), you can use the  PayPal Adaptive Payments gateway along with the Instant Pay option in Downloads > Settings > Extensions.

Changing a User's PayPal Email

By default, the Commissions add-on will use the email associated with a user's WordPress account as their PayPal email. If you need to change the email that is used to pay a user (because their account address is different than their payment address), simply go to that user's profile in the WordPress admin, scroll to the bottom and enter their email in the field titled "User's PayPal Email".

Reporting Shortcodes

This shortcode renders an overview of total earnings.  An example is in the top of the screenshot below, showing Sales and Earnings.

This shortcode renders a chart which allows you to see Earnings and Sales over time. An example is in the Commission Stats section in the screenshot below.