PayPal Standard

Easy Digital Downloads comes with PayPal Standard built in. PayPal Standard is the most basic PayPal account you can get. Settings for it are found under Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways → PayPal Standard.


The first setting is your PayPal email address. This is the address associated with your PayPal account.

Next you have the option of uploading an image to display on the PayPal checkout page.

TIP: The image must be publicly accessible on the internet for it to show on the PayPal checkout.

NOTE:This was previously called PayPal Page Styles, but the page style options were deprecated by PayPal in favor of supplying an image.

IPN Settings

IPN allows PayPal to communicate with your store, and mark transactions as complete, failed, etc. Normally you want IPN working, but occasionally it can cause issues. and you can turn it off on this PayPal Standard settings page.

NOTE: PayPal IPN verification requires an SSL certificate. See our PayPal SSL FAQ for more information.

If you need to access your PayPal IPN history, see  this guide.

API Keys

The next section needs API keys for Live and Test for: 

  • Username
  • Password
  • Signature

Full documentation on getting PayPal API keys is found here.

PayPal API keys allow your store and PayPal to communicate more fully, allowing for more reliable communication as well as some additional features like in-store refunds.