2Checkout Payment Gateway Setup Instructions

At this time the 2Checkout extension is no longer available for purchase. Customers who have previously purchased the extension are welcome to continue using it on their site(s).

To configure 2Checkout payment gateway follow these steps:

1. Set up 2Checkout in EDD

Sandbox Mode

Sandbox mode no longer works with our extension, so 2Checkout payments will have to be tested with real payments.

First, install the extension just like any other plugin.

Once installed, go to Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways.

You will have the option to enable one or both of the 2Checkout gateways:

2Checkout Gateway Option:

Purchases made with  2Checkout will send customers to the 2Checkout website where they will complete the purchase.

2Checkout Onsite Gateway Option:

Purchases made with 2Checkout Onsite will keep customers on your website and allow them to enter their credit / debit card details on the checkout screen. Note: this option requires that you have an SSL certificate installed on your website.

After you have chosen which gateway options you want to use, enter your 2Checkout account information:

Note: The 2Checkout Account Number is labeled as the Merchant Code in 2Checkout's settings and the Secret Word is the Secret Key in the API 2Checkout settings. This wording will be fixed in the next 2Checkout release.

From your 2Checkout account, account information is located under Integrations / Webhooks & API. The Publishable and Private API are only needed for onsite purchases with credit / debit cards.

2. Setup Instant Notification Service (INS) in 2Checkout


If INS is not properly configured, purchase processing will not work.

2Checkout's Instant Notification Service allows 2Checkout to communicate with your store, keeping transaction data in sync. INS must be set up properly for purchase processing and recurring billing to work.

From your 2Checkout account, navigate to the Integrations / Webhooks & API screen and enable all notifications (INS & Global INS). The URL should be set to:


Replace "example.com" with the appropriate name of your website.


INS Failures

If you find that your INS requests are failing, make sure you're using the same protocol for all requests. For example, if you make your request via HTTP, but then require HTTPS for incoming requests (from 2Checkout for example) then they'll fail, since they don't match.

Error: Unauthorized

This notice can happen when the billing address is not filled out.  The billing address is required, so hiding or removing it will cause the transaction to fail.

Bad request - parameter error

If you receive this error, it means one of two things:

1. Your 2Checkout account has not been fully approved. Contact 2Checkout's support team to confirm and to fully activate your account.

2. Not all required fields are being sent to 2Checkout. This could happen if you have removed the billing address or other required fields on the checkout form. To resolve the problem, restore the fields that were removed.

Can customers update their credit card information?

No. If you have a customer setup on a subscription, 2Checkout does not currently allow them to update their credit card information. Additional information is available on the 2Checkout website.

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