ClickBank Setup Instructions

ClickBank is an online marketplace and affiliate network.  The  Easy Digital Downloads ClickBank addon allows you to tie ClickBank products to products in your own Easy Digital Downloads store.  When someone chooses to purchase an item from your Easy Digital Downloads store they're taken to ClickBank for the checkout process.

When utilizing the ClickBank gateway, no other gateways can be active at the same time.

Here's the process, explained in detail further below

  1. Set up a store on ClickBank.  It can be full of your own product or simply a shell for promoting other's products, it doesn't matter.
  2. Configure ClickBank to know where your Thanks page is.
  3. Create a secret key in ClickBank and put it into your EDD settings.
  4. Configure Easy Digital Downloads Payment Gateway
  5. In Easy Digital Downloads create the products you wish to promote on ClickBank.

Set Up A Store On ClickBank

In order to use this addon you must have a ClickBank account.  You may create one on their sign-up page.

Once you’re signed up, go ahead create your products by following the steps found in ClickBank’s " Setting Up Your Vendor Account".

Configure your ClickBank "Thanks" Page

Each product that you create on ClickBank will ask for a Thanks page.
This should be your Purchase Confirmation Page in Easy Digital Downloads.  The default is listed in your Pages admin

Create A Secret Key In ClickBank

Once logged into ClickBank, use the nav in the top right of the page to go to Settings → My Site. At the bottom of that page is a box to create a Secret Key. Click the Edit button in the top right corner of that box.

Keys must be all uppercase and not more than 15 characters.

Configure Easy Digital Downloads Payment Gateway

Under Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways you'll need to enter your Secret Key and your ClickBank nickname that you entered when you created your ClickBank account.

Create Products In Easy Digital Downloads

When creating a new download there will be a small box on the right for entering the ClickBank ID number.  This will tie your product to the ClickBank product. The single product page will be what ClickBank calls a "Pitch Page".
The ClickBank item number is a number you create when you make the product in ClickBank.
Note: Clickbank has a setting under Settings → My Site → Advanced Tools Editor → called "Encrypt Transaction URLs". If this is enabled, this gateway integration will not work. Payments will not be created in Easy Digital Downloads if that box is checked. It must be disabled to work with this extension. Read more details  here.