EDD Wallet Setup Documentation

EDD Wallet allows your customers to place a deposit on your site, and then use that money to buy things in the future. EDD Wallet is treated like a Payment Gateway, so when the customer goes to checkout they can choose their wallet to pay with.

One advantage of EDD Wallet to the shop owner is fewer transaction costs.  If a customer buys $20 worth of credit, that's one transaction.  If they then make four $5 purchases using their wallet, none of those purchases go through another payment gateway, so there are no fees.

Activating EDD Wallet

As mentioned above, EDD Wallet acts like a payment gateway.  Once the plugin itself is activated you need to go to Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways and enable it as a gateway.

Then when someone goes to the checkout page they see My Wallet as an option, assuming their wallet balance is greater than the balance due.


Once EDD Wallet is installed you should configure it in the locations listed below.

Wallet Settings

Under Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways you'll find Wallet Settings.

You have the option to name the Wallet Gateway anything you'd like.

You have the option to display the user's wallet next to the gateway label.

You may change the Deposit Description.

You must have at least one Deposit Level, but you may have as many more than that as you wish.

Email Settings

Under Downloads → Settings → Email Settings you'll find the template for the email receipt that is delivered to the customer when they deposit funds into their wallet.

Style Settings

Under Downloads → Settings → Styles, wallet styles may be disabled separate from EDD styles.

Customer Account Management

Under Downloads → Customers, edit a customer and you'll find a Wallet tab on the right.

If you click Edit Wallet you are able to add or remove credit from that wallet, and optionally send them a receipt for that transaction.

Depositing Money

EDD Wallet provides a shortcode for rendering the deposit form.  Simply place  [edd_deposit] on any page and you'll get a form like the one below

The levels presented there reflect the options create under Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways.


Wallet comes with the shortcode [edd_wallet_value] that will simply render the amount currently in a users wallet.

Important Notes

  • The customer must have an account on the site to use EDD Wallet.
  • The customer must have sufficient funds in the wallet in order for the wallet to be used.
  • The wallet can only be used on entire purchases, partial purchases do not work.

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