License Free Downloads

License Free Downloads allows the customer to purchase one licensed product and get one or more licensed products for free.  The store administrator determines which products are available for free with a given purchase. License Free Downloads requires the  Software Licensing extension for Easy Digital Downloads.

Main Settings

Settings for License Free Downloads are found under Downloads → Settings → Extensions.  

The settings area allows the store owner to set labels for user facing text.  These are

License Missing
Error displayed when no license key is detected.
Failed License Validation
Error displayed when a license key is deemed invalid.
Product not Free
Error displayed when trying to download a product that is not free.
Access Denied
Error displayed when a license key is denied access to a free download.

Product Settings

First find in the admin area the product you wish people to pay for.  Edit that product and in the right sidebar you'll see a meta box titled "License Holders Free Download".  In this box you can activate the Free Download and choose which download will be free.

NOTE: both products must be using the license creation option of the Software Licensing extension.  The checkbox to activate it for a product is on the admin page for every product.

Create the Interface

In order to make it so people can download the free product you must include this shortcode on that product's page: [edd_lfd]. Simply paste it into the content area when editing the product.

The resulting form will look something like this: 

The customer will take the license key from their purchase and paste it into this form.  They will be immediately taken to the checkout page where they can "buy" the product for free.