Commissions - Frequently Asked Questions

The Commissions add-on allows you to automatically record and track commissions for download sales. A commission is a percentage of the total product price that is paid out to a specified user, meaning that this add-on allows you to create a marketplace type of system where you give authors a certain percentage of each sale, just like the Envato Marketplaces.

Do I have to pay vendors through PayPal?

Paying vendors through PayPal is supported but not required. Commissions allows you to generate a PayPal “Mass Pay” file, but this file format is supported by some other Merchant processors

Can I pay vendors through Moneybookers?

Yes, Moneybookers supports the PayPal “Mass Pay” file format.

Can I pay vendors through Payoneer?

Not at this time. Want this feature? Let us know!

Can I pay vendors instantly during checkout?

If you would like to payout Commissions instantly (at the time of purchase), you can use the PayPal Adaptive Payments gateway along with the Instant Pay option in Downloads → Settings → Extensions → Commissions.  We have more documentation about instant commissions payment here.

Can I revoke commissions when orders are refunded?

Yes. On each commission record will be a “Mark as Paid | Revoke | Edit | Delete” series of links. Choose "Revoke" and the process is automatic unless you pay instantly.  If you pay instantly then you need to work with the vendor to get the commission back.

How many vendors can I have?

There is no limit to the number of vendors you can have.

Can I export commission records to a CSV file?

Commissions supports two different kinds of CSV format:

  1. Export of commission records where the final CSV shows each individual commission as a row
  2. Export of vendor earnings where the CSV shows the accumulated total for each vendor

Do you support PayPal MassPay?

Yes, but MassPay is not available to all PayPal account holders. If you do not have it then you must ask PayPal to enable it. Occasionally PayPal will refuse to enable it.

Can I pay commissions through PayPal without MassPay?

Yes, you simply have to process commission payouts vendor-by-vendor. The process would be like this:

  1. Generate export file
  2. Manually send payout to each vendor for the amount shown in the file

Does it work with Frontend Submissions?

Yes! See Integration Guide: Commissions and Frontend Submissions for details.

Can commissions be calculated before or after tax?

Yes, there's an option in the settings for it under  Downloads → Settings → Extensions → Commissions → Calculation Base. You can choose to calculate the commission based on the subtotal only, the total with taxes, or the total without taxes. 

Can commissions be calculated after discounts?