Bookings - Basic Setup

Bookings allows you to accept reservations using Easy Digital Downloads. Reservations could be for an hour of time with a professional, a weekend at a lake house, or use of a motorcycle for an afternoon.

When a Download Product is created, Bookings can be enabled for that item. Then availability for that item is established while editing it. The end user then chooses some time within that availability and purchases that time.

Configuring the Bookings extension is simple and is done on a per-product basis. When creating or editing a Download look for the Booking meta box. It will look like this:

After checking the box to enable booking, the normal pricing and inventory meta boxes will disappear and the Booking meta box will look like this:

Session Details

The first thing to configure are details related to your sessions. Remember that a session is a length of time, not a date. The first thing we select is the length of the session. Sessions may be segmented by

  • Seconds
  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Weeks

The next thing to set is the number of sessions a customer can book for a single booking. Finally, set a price for a single session.

Example Sessions:

  • A one hour session for $100, intended to be with an economic adviser.
  • A 4 hour session for $200 renting a jet ski with multiple sessions available for a full day option.
  • A single day session for $200 for a room at a Bed and Breakfast with multiple sessions available for a multi-day stay
  • A single week session for $1800 for a cabin on the lake

Use Customer Timezone on site

The "Use Customer Timezone on site" option, when checked, makes the booking calendar on the site show dates and times using the timezone of the customer. Your site's timezone can be configured from your WordPress General Setting.

For Example:

A customer is viewing the Download and his timezone is 3 hours ahead of your site. With the option enabled, the customer will see all dates and times 3 hours ahead, to match his timezone. This means that if they book the 12:00 session on the calendar, the actual booking recorded will be the 9:00 session. Otherwise if the option is disabled, both you and all of your customers will see the same dates and times on the site.

Enabling this option can be useful if you are selling something that does not rely on specific locations, such as online services. It is generally not recommended to enable this option for things like reservations or rentals to avoid potential confusion.

Show calendar in multi-views

Some themes might not properly show the calendar on pages where you have more than one Download shown, such as your "Store" page. So by default, this option is disabled.

If this option is enabled, the calendar will be shown on such pages. You can also enable or disable this per Download, in case you want to force customers to view the Download's individual page to be able to make booking purchases.

This mostly depends on your theme and we encourage you to try out both settings to see what works best for you.

Available Times

Here you can set the available times for your bookable Download. For more detailed documentation on this option, see the dedicated Availability Builder page.

In a nutshell, the builder allows you to specify which dates and times are available for booking and which are not. Ultimately, it will affect which dates and times are enabled on the calendar on your site (shown as blue below).


That's all there really is to configure a resource for booking.

  1. Create sessions
  2. Describe which dates those sessions are available on

After that, purchasing is exactly like any other product.