Bookings - Manage Bookings

The  EDD Bookings extension extension adds a new Bookings menu in your WordPress admin. Here, you can access the Bookings and Calendar pages, both of which are intended to help you manage your bookings. You'll also find the Add New page when you can manually add new bookings, the Settings page that lets you modify some of the plugin's behaviour, and lastly the About page where you can find some basic instructions to get started as well as links to this documentation.

The Bookings Page

The bookings page shows a table listing of all your bookings. The table also contains links to the customer's details page, the download's edit page and the payment order's details page.

Clicking on the date and time of the booking will take you to the booking's edit page.

The Bookings New/Edit Page

On this page you can enter or change the details for new or existing bookings, respectively.


The Payment field can be used to link a Booking to an EDD payment. Payments contain information related to the customer's purchase such as the purchase date, total cost, billing address, etc.

This is completely optional and can be left blank.


Here you can choose what service you will be providing for this booking. The dropdown menu contains a list of all your EDD Downloads, regardless of whether or not they have bookings enabled.

Selecting a service will show its session settings below for you to use as a guideline when changing the booking's dates and times.

This is completely optional and can be left at its default blank value. However, this means that the booking will not reserve and dates and times on any of your front-end calendars.


This option lets you select an existing customer or create a new one to link to this booking. You can switch between choosing an existing customer and creating a new one by clicking the link next to the "Customers" heading.

When creating a customer you only need to specify the full name and email address. If a customer with the given email address already exists, their name will be updated with the full name given here.

Choosing or creating a customer for a booking is completely optional and the selected customer can be left blank.


The Start and End times allow you to choose or change the reserved dates and times for this booking.

Both options will reveal a datepicker when clicked that will allow you to easily select a date and provide the times. Choosing a Start date and time will limit the End dates and times that you can pick and vice versa, to ensure that you do not accidentally enter incorrect booking periods.

These options are required when creating or changing a booking and cannot be left blank.

Customer Timezone

This option allows you to specify the customer's timezone relative to Universal Time. EDD Bookings uses this timezone to personalize dates and times shown to your customer (in purchase receipts and emails) if the selected Service has the Use customer timezone option enabled.

This option is not required and can be left at its default value (UTC+0).

Booking Status

The booking status option can be found near the Save Booking button. There are two booking statuses to choose from, depending on what type of booking you wish to save.

Bookings that are Confirmed will reserve their dates and times so that other customers cannot purchase bookings for those dates and times of the same service. These bookings will also appear on your Bookings Calendar.


A booking on 3rd February 2017 from 15:00 to 17:00 for a service "Bike Rental" will make the plugin disallow further bike rentals on 3rd February 2017 from 15:00 to 17:00.

Bookings that are Draft are not acknowledged by the plugin. They will not reserve their dates and times, and will not appear on your Bookings Calendar. You can use this status to save bookings temporarily and Confirm or Trash them later.

The Bookings Calendar

The admin calendar page contains a single interactive calendar that shows all of your bookings. The calendar provides three different views, the default of which is the "month" view.

The view can be changed using the buttons at the top right hand corner of the calendar. The week view shows the bookings for a given week with more time detail than the month view. The day view shows an "agenda" style list of the bookings for a given day.

Also, clicking on a booking in the calendar will bring up the details for that booking. Note that the details here are simplified to only include the most important information. You can click the "View/Edit details" link in the popup to go to the edit page for that booking.

Lastly, if you click on a day in either the month or week view, the day will become selected (indicated by turning blue). If you click again the calendar will take you to that day's "Day" view. Just a handy shortcut for quick navigation!