Stripe - Test Purchases

This guide explains how to test purchases with Stripe Standard or Stripe Pro.

1. Enable EDD Test Mode

Navigate to Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways and enable Test Mode.

2. Connect with Stripe

Select the Stripe sub-tab within the Payment Gateways tab, then click the Connect with Stripe button. If you've already connected to Stripe with Test Mode disabled, you will have to connect again in Test mode. Once you are connected in both Live and Test Mode, you do not need to re-connect when switching back and forth.

This will take you to the Stripe website where you can log into your existing account if you have one or create a new account if you do not.

Stripe Temporary Test Account

Stripe offers a temporary test account by clicking "Skip this form". We do NOT recommend this option as it's best to use an actual account, the same account as your live account. This allows you to configure webhooks and ApplyPay once for both Live and Test Mode. Also, if you are testing Recurring Payments, renewals will not work with a temporary test account. 

3. Testing a Purchase

Now in test mode, add a product to your cart and proceed to checkout.

You can use the card number  4242424242424242 with any CVC and a valid expiration date (any date in the future).

Testing Express Checkout (Apple Pay / Google Pay)

See Stripe - Express Checkout (Apple Pay / Google Pay) for details on testing Express Checkout.

Additional Resources

See Stripe Testing for more test card number and additional testing options.