Recurring Payments - Creating Subscription Products

A subscription product is simply a normal product with the recurring subscription setting enabled.   Recurring Payments can be set up for single priced products or variable products.

Single Priced Products

When you create a new product or edit an existing one, look next to the pricing field for the recurring settings:

The first option simply sets this product to be recurring or not. 

The second option lets you choose a period, and the options are

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

The third option let you choose how many times the sale should recur.  It takes a number only.

The fourth and final option allows you to set a one-time setup fee.

Here's an example of a product that will be charged a $20.00 signup fee, and then charged $10 every month for 6 months.

NOTE: the first $10.00 charge happens at the time of checkout in addition to the $20.00 signup fee, so the customer will be paying $30.00 at that first transaction.

Negative Signup Fees

If the signup fee is a negative number it will actually discount the initial payment.  For example, let's say you have a $10/mo subscription.  Normally the first payment of $10 is due immediately.  If you make a signup fee of -5 then the first payment would be 50% off, or $5.

Negative Signup Fees should not be set to match the recurring price of the product, which would result in an initial payment of $0.00. Reason being, a cart total of $0.00 will not send the customer to a payment processor regardless of your available payment methods. EDD will treat the cart as free and upon completion of the transaction, grant the customer access to the product and create the subscription in EDD only. The customer will not be charged for the product at all during the subscription term. A minimum subscription amount is always required. That amount depends on the payment processor. For example, Stripe will require a minimum of $0.50 for a subscription to be valid. Please refer to the knowledge base of your chosen payment processors to confirm the amounts.

NOTE: signup fees cannot be used with free trials as the initial payment will always be 0.00.

Variable Priced Products

Variable priced products may have some variances set to recurring and some set to single purchase.  Below is an example of a product with variable pricing, where the customer may either buy a single issue of an item, or a 12 month subscription at a steeply discounted rate per issue:

Free Trials

As of Recurring Payments 2.6, free trials can be enabled on subscription products. Free trials can be set for almost any duration, including days, weeks, months, and years.

When a product includes a free trial, customers will be asked for billing details during purchase but their account will not be charged until the free trial is over. As soon as the free trial completes, the customer will be charged and the subscription record will transition from Trialling to Active.

Here is an example of how purchasing a free trial appears during checkout: 

If a customer does not wish to continue using your product or service, they can cancel the subscription at any time during or after the free trial.

NOTE: the 2Checkout gateway does not support free trials.

NOTE: If using Free Trial with Variable pricing and need to remove the trial, you will need to first disable Variable pricing on the product then disable the "free trial" option then re-enable Variable pricing. Example below.

Disable Free Trial from Variable pricing download