Recurring Payments - PayPal Pro Gateway Configuration

Recurring Payments integrates fully with PayPal Pro. PayPal Pro is available for Easy Digital Downloads via the  PayPal Pro/Express extension. Full documentation for installing, configuring, and using that extension is here.

PayPal Account Requirements

Using PayPal Pro with Recurring Payments requires some specific configurations in your PayPal account.

1. Make Sure You Have PayPal Pro

This may seem obvious, but it's not always.  Simply having the PayPal Pro addon for Easy Digital Downloads does not mean you're automatically using PayPal Pro. PayPal Pro costs $30/mo., you can set it up by calling them.

2. PayPal Legacy Account

In order to use PayPal Pro with Recurring Payments your PayPal account must be "Legacy". There isn't a perfect way to determine if your account is Legacy, but one clue is to look for a menu item in PayPal called "PayPal Manager".  If you have this, then you are NOT a Legacy account.

If you're unsure if your account is Legacy the best way to find out is to call PayPal on the telephone.

If your current account is not a Legacy account then a new account will have to be created for you. This new Legacy account can be created by calling PayPal on the telephone and working with their support team that way. 

3. Enable Direct Payment Recurring Payments (DPRP)

This is something that is required and requires a telephone call to PayPal to turn it on. This is an additional $30/mo.

SSL Requirements

PayPal Pro transactions are completed without leaving your web site.  Because of this PayPal requires that you have SSL configured on your site.  For more information on setting up SSL with Easy Digital Downloads read our documentation here.

API Keys

Before the PayPal Pro Gateway will work you must enter API keys on the Gateways settings page. To find your keys in PayPal, click on your account in PayPal and click on  Profile:

This will open a popup window. Click on the  API Credentials tab.  You'll see two API keys for Live and two for Test. Copy those credentials to Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways in your Easy Digital Downloads admin panel.

Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)

PayPal's  Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) are how PayPal communicates with your site to do things like confirm completed sales, failed sales, etc. For recurring billing to work properly with PayPal Website Payments Pro, it's very important that your IPN settings are working properly.

Configuring your PayPal IPN is simple. First, log into your PayPal account and go to   Profile → My Selling Tools → Instant Payment Notifications.

After you click Update you'll be presented with a page of information and a link to Choose IPN Settings.

You need to enable IPN messages and then set the Notification URL to:

Note: please replace "" with the appropriate name of your website.

Important! Subscription tracking will not work if IPN is not enabled and set to the proper URL.

Cancelling Subscriptions

Cancelling subscriptions is done in a variety of ways depending on your site setup and situation.

Cancelling as a Customer via PayPal

  1. First log into PayPal.
  2. Then click on My money.
  3. Then find My preapproved payments and click Update
  4. Then click on the name of the Vendor you want to unsubscribe from and an Unsubscribe button will appear.

Cancelling as a Customer via Your On-site Account Page

Using the shortcode [edd_subscriptions] you may create a customer-facing subscription management panel. Full documentation on [edd_subscriptions] may be found here.

Cancelling as a Site Administrator

There are two ways to cancel PayPal subscriptions if you are a Merchant.

Within PayPal

The page for managing subscriptions in PayPal is here:

Simply click a customer name and an Unsubscribe button will appear.

Within Easy Digital Downloads

Once PayPal Pro/Express is configured properly you will see a Cancel Subscription button on subscription pages within Easy Digital Downloads.

Multiple Subscription Support

Important Note: As of November 1, 2019, PayPal no longer supports creating multiple subscriptions in a single purchase. See our blog post for more information.