Recurring Payments - Subscriber Account Dashboard

Recurring Payments includes a Subscriber Account Dashboard which allows customers to view and manage their subscriptions. To make this dashboard you can create a page with the [edd_subscriptions] shortcode on it.

This will render a listing of subscriptions with their

  • Title
  • Status
  • Renewal Date
  • Initial Amount
  • Times Billed
  • Actions


View Invoice

The View Invoice action shows the invoice for the purchase, including 

  • Payment Status
  • Payment Method
  • Date
  • Fees
  • Subtotal
  • Total Price

It also shows

  • Subscription title
  • Renewal Date
  • Initial Amount
  • Times Billed
  • Subscription Status

Lastly, the invoice shows what products are being dealt with in the transaction.

Update Payment Method

The  Update Payment Method allows the customer to change their credit card information (if they used one) and their billing address information. Full documentation for Updating Payment Methods here.

Below are some samples of those options.