Recurring Payments - Managing Subscriptions

Recurring Payments has a complete interface for viewing and managing subscriptions, their payments, and the customer information for those payments. The management panel is under Downloads → Subscriptions in the WordPress admin area, and looks something like this:

  • The Customer column lists the customer's name, with a link to the customer details page.
  • The Status column lists the subscription status, see option below under Tasks
  • The Billing Cycle column contains the billing cycle, options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • The Initial Amount column lists the initial amount paid.
  • The Times Billed column lists how many times the customer has been billed.
  • The Renewal Date lists the renewal date or the date the subscription will complete.
  • The Payment column lists the Payment ID number and links to the original payment record; the one that created the subscriptions.
  • The Download column lists the download that was purchased with a link directly to the product admin page.
  • The Actions column lists a link to the details page for this particular subscription.

Single Subscription Management

When you click View on the list of subscriptions you'll be taken to a page that looks like this:


This page provides methods to accomplish two key tasks:

  1. You may change the Expiration Date of the subscription, effectively adjusting the term of the subscription
  2. Cancel the subscription. When a subscription is cancelled it both updates the local status as well as stops the payment process at the merchant processor.
    NOTE: Changing the status back to Active in EDD will not turn recurring billing back on.  The customer must purchase a new subscription.
  3. You may change the status of the subscription.  Your options for status are:
    • Pending: This status means the subscription is awaiting successful payment verification
    • Active: This status is reserved for subscriptions with donation payments being actively collected.
    • Completed: The subscription has run its course and is now marked as complete. Some gateways, such as PayPal, refer to completed subscriptions as "expired". However, in EDD we refer to them as "Completed" for better clarity.
    • Expired: The subscription has missing multiple payments, most likely due to payment failures. This can happen when a card expires or a the changes payment information.
    • Cancelled: The subscription has been cancelled and is no longer being charged payments. Subscriptions may be cancelled by a donor or admin. When a subscription is cancelled by the admin via the Payment Gateway it will update in EDD if the proper webhook is set according to that gateway's documentation.


In addition to the above tasks, this page gives us this information:

  • Initial Purchase ID: links to the payment record under Payments
  • Billing Period: options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • Times Billed: the number of times the customer has been billed
  • Product: the title of the product linked to the Download editing page
  • Profile ID: the id of the transaction provided by the merchant processor
  • Date Created
  • Expiration Date
  • Subscription Status: see status options above

Renewal Payments

Each payment made is listed with a Payment ID, Amount, Date, Status, and an Actions link. The Actions link takes you to the Payment page for that record.

Renewal payments may be manually entered using the form below the Renewal Payments table. This may sometimes be necessary if a renewal has been processed manually or there was a technical error that resulted in the renewal not getting processed from the merchant account.