Social Discounts Setup

The Social Discounts extension for Easy Digital Downloads detects if a user has shared or liked your product, then a discount is instantly applied, and a customizable thank you title and message is shown; all without the page refreshing.


After you have installed and activated the Social Discounts extension, navigate to Downloads → Settings → Extensions → Social Discounts. You’ll first want to select the social networks you’d like people to share to, and then select your discount code. By not selecting a discount code, you can use it as a simple sharing tool.


  1. Navigate to Downloads → Discount Codes and create a discount code that you want applied when someone shares
  2. Select the Social Services to Enable you want users to be able to share on.
  3. Select how you want the social sharing to appear by choosing a Display Sharing Services option. The short-code will work regardless of the setting if you want to place share on other page(s) on your site.
  4. Select the discount code you want to use.
  5. Configure messaging and appearance.

Note: Social Discount codes cannot be used at the same time as other discount codes for a single checkout. If your customers already have a discount code for some reason, they will have to choose whether to use their existing discount code or the one automatically applied through the Social Discounts extension.

Note on Twitter: On November 20th 2015 Twitter changed the way the "Tweet" button works. As a result, the discount is now applied when the "Tweet" button is clicked (not when the tweet is published).