Manually Creating Purchases

The Manual Purchases extension for Easy Digital Downloads gives you the ability to manually create purchases and attribute them to any registered user or guest.


After you have installed and activated the Manual Purchases extension, there is no setup required.


Manual purchases are often used if a customer pays for a product in person, or perhaps over the phone with a credit card. The Manual Purchases extension makes it easy to keep a record of even these orders.

To create a purchase, navigate to  Downloads → Payment History and click the "Create Payment" button.

Here you will see all of the options available for creating a new Payment.

Downloads: Choose one or more products to include in this purchase. Each product can have a price, price option (in the case of variable pricing), an amount (which is auto-filled from the cost of the product), a tax amount, and a quantity. Note: Taxes and quantities are only available if those features are enabled in your EDD settings.

Customer: You may choose to associate this purchase with an existing customer or create a new customer.

Amount: You can enter a total purchase amount or if left blank the total will be calculated from the total of all the products. If you do enter an amount, that total will be used, regardless of whether it equals the total of the products listed or not.

Payment Status: No financial transactions occur with a Manual Purchase, you're simply making a record of one. You may choose any payment status that applies.

Payment Method: Choose which payment method applies to the payment being created.

Transaction ID: Enter a transaction ID for the payment. If the payment was taken directly through a payment gateway, you could enter that transaction ID or simple enter a new ID for this payment, or leave blank.

Date: Enter the date of the payment.  If left blank then the current date will be used.

Send Receipt: Choose whether you'd like to send a receipt to the user once the payment is created.

NOTE: The screenshot above shows additional options available based on other extensions being in place including Simple Shipping, Commissions, and Wallet