Recurring Payments - Updating Credit/Debit Card Information

With Recurring Payments customers may update their own credit card information for each recurring subscription they own. This document will discuss the options and limitations of switching payment gateways as well as how customers may manage their own payment information for each subscription.

Creating a Subscription Management Page

Using the shortcode [edd_subscriptions] the store owner can create a page that allows customers to update their own personal information, including their card information.

The first step is to create a page with the [edd_subscriptions] shortcode on it.

When a logged in customer visits that page they'll see a list of subscriptions with links to View Invoice, Update Payment Method, and Cancel.

If they click Update Payment Method they'll see a form where they can update their card information.

Switching Payment Methods

A subscription may not switch payment gateways, but a customer could cancel an existing subscription and purchase a new one through a different payment gateway.

As an example, if someone is using Stripe and they want to switch to PayPal they would cancel the subscription through Stripe and make a new subscription with PayPal. This could happen because the customer just got a PayPal account and wants to disconnect from their credit card, or vice versa.