Auto Register

The Auto Register extension for Easy Digital Downloads streamlines the process of making new customers into WordPress users. Typically to have customers also register as WordPress users you would have to include the account creation fields in the checkout form.  Auto Register takes the existing data and automatically creates a user from it, removing an entire step from the checkout process.


You can find the Auto Register configuration under Downloads → Extensions. Your options are:

  • Disable the email sent to the user that contains login details
  • Disable the new user registration email sent to the admin

Customer Experience

The customer will not see anything on your checkout page that indicates that their information is going to be saved as a user. Auto Register uses the normal EDD checkout fields to gather it's information.

Note: with Auto Register turned on, as soon as someone makes a purchase they will be logged into WordPress as a subscriber.

Common Questions

What happens if someone already has an account and make a new purchase while logged out?

If a user account already exists for the customer, for security reasons the customer must log in before purchasing a recurring product.