Software Licensing - Status Options

With Software Licensing a license key can have 4 different options, and can change to a different option for a variety of reasons.


An active status means the key has been activated by a customer, and is valid. A key is set to active only by being activated by a customer.


Inactive is the default status for keys. These are keys that either have never been used or have been made available and reset to inactive manually.


Each key is given an expiration date when it is generated. When that date passes the key is marked as Expired.


A key will be set as Disabled when a purchase is Revoked or Refunded, or may be set so manually.

Note: none of these statuses do anything, they merely indicate the status of the key. It's up to the developer reading that status to do something. For example, if a key is Expired the software could choose to stop working or could choose to pop-up a warning.

One exception to this is that when EDD sees an expired key attached to a download, download links on the account page are disabled.