Commissions - Paying Instantly with PayPal Adaptive Payments

Unfortunately, PayPal no longer accepts new application for PayPal Adaptive payments gateway. PayPal Adaptive payments gateway can still be used by existing users but not by new users anymore.

The Commissions extension includes support for paying out commissions instantly when it is used with the PayPal Adaptive Payments payment gateway.

To setup commissions to be paid instantly, first enable instant pay support in Downloads > Settings > Extensions:

Screenshot from 2014-10-03 12:29:13

Second, go to Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways and enable Paypal Adaptive Payments:

Screenshot from 2014-10-03 12:30:39

Third, in  Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways, locate the PayPal Adaptive Payments API Keys section:

Screenshot from 2014-10-03 12:32:32

Enter your API keys for your PayPal application here. If you have  Test Mode (in Downloads > Settings > General) enabled, you will need to use API keys from, otherwise use the API keys from your PayPal account.

Fourth, in  Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways, locate the PayPal Adaptive Payment Receivers section. Here you will enter the email address of your store's PayPal account followed by |100:

Screenshot from 2014-10-03 12:35:34

You will only enter one receiver here because the Commissions extension automatically adjusts it at the time of purchase and adds the vendor's email as a receiver with the appropriate percentage.

The  Payment Type can be either Chained or Parallel.

Now that PayPal Adaptive Payments is configured, you will need to configure the commission tracking options for each product. Consult the main  Commissions documentation for further instructions if necessary.

Important Notes:

  • In order for commissions to be paid instantly, the purchase must be processed through PayPal Adaptive Payments. Purchases made through other payment gateways will not be paid out instantly.
  • PayPal Adaptive Payments can pay a maximum of 6 vendors per purchase. If a customer attempts to purchase items from more than 6 unique vendors, the purchase will fail.
  • The PayPal Adaptive Payments extension is required.