Reviews - Shortcodes

Reviews comes with a shortcode that you may use to embed a shortcode in any post, page, or custom post type. The shortcode looks like this:

[review id="REVIEW_ID"]

The easiest way to embed a review is to use the Insert Review button above the content editor.

Pressing the Insert Review button will make a modal window appear. There will be a dropdown of all reviews, simply select the one you want and press Insert Review.

This will render a shortcode like the one mentioned at the top of the article.


A shortcode like this will look like the screenshot below on the page:

The review will show the review title, author, download title, the review itself, the date of the review, and a link to the review.

Displaying multiple reviews

Other parameters can be passed to the [review] shortcode which allows you to display multiple reviews at a time.  A shortcode to display multiple reviews, looks like this:

[review download="DOWNLOAD_ID" multiple="true" number="10"]

The above shortcode will display 10 reviews for a given download ID.