Software Licensing - Changelogs

The  Software Licensing extension has a built-in mechanism for associating a changelog with a Download. This makes it easy to keep the changelog updated as well as easy to see on the web for any Download.

Creating a changelog

When editing a Download in the admin area, find the Licensing meta box.  Make sure licenses are created for this Download by checking the checkbox.

One of the features that will appear when licensing is enabled is a large WYSIWYG text box. Create your changelog in this box.

Viewing a changelog

To view the changelog of a Download that has one, first visit the product page for that Download.

The at the end of the URL put in


And then the page will show the changelog.

EDD Changelog plugin

The EDD Changelog plugin is  available for free on This plugin can be used in coordination with Software Licensing or by itself.

In addition to managing the changelog in the admin area it shows the changelog on the Download page for the customer to see.

If you don't wish for the changelog to automatically render it can be turned off.