Free Downloads - Advanced Usage

Custom Links

Starting in Free Downloads 2.0.0, we now support creation of true custom free download links through two methods. The preferred method is through our new [edd_free_download] shortcode, which takes a single argument, download_id. For example, if you wanted to create a Free Downloads button for a download with the ID "123" that displayed an image rather than the normal EDD purchase button, you would enter the following:

[edd_free_download download_id="123"]<img src="/path/to/url.png" />[/edd_free_download]

Similarly, you can create the same link manually by entering the following (be sure to change the ID to your free download/product's ID):

<a href="#edd-free-download-modal" class="edd-free-download" data-download-id="123"><img src="/path/to/url.png" /></a>

Custom Templates

We now offer the ability to customize the Free Downloads modal in much the same way that you can customize other EDD templates. In the edd-free-downloads/templates folder you will find two files, one which controls the modal dialog, and one which controls the mobile window. 

Simply copy these to the edd_templates directory in your theme (you may need to create it), and change to your liking! Remember that the fields still need to have the same names for them to work with Free Downloads! 

You can read more here on moving and using template files.