Social Discounts - Shortcode Usage

With Social Discounts, by default, the sharing buttons will be shown automatically after the content on all your products. By using the included shortcode you can fine tune the placement on a per product basis, or even include the sharing buttons on posts and/or pages.

Default usage


Advanced usage

The shortcode accepts an “id” parameter. This could be the ID another post, page or product. Extremely useful for when you want to share a product, from an entirely different page. If you want to share the current product/post/page that the shortcode is on, you do not need to include the ID parameter.

[edd_social_discount id=”50″]

If you’re using the ID parameter above, chances are you’ll want to also customize the sharing title and message. You can use the “title” and “message” parameters like this:

[edd_social_discount id=”50″ title=”Share my awesome product!” message=”Share my awesome product and you’ll receive a discount at checkout.”]

Custom Tweet message:

[edd_social_discount tweet=”This is a custom message for the twitter sharing button”]