Cross-sells and Upsells - Custom Headings

Custom headings on your  Cross-sells and Upsells are a great way to not only increase sales, but build customer relationships.

Upsell Heading

In the Settings for Cross-sells and Upsells you can set a default Upsell heading. You can further enhance the power of this extension by making customer headers for specific Downloads. Each Download has a metabox for managing the heading.

On the mentioned metabox above, you have the ability to set a custom heading that is shown above the upsell products on the individual product page. This is perfect for creating a more personal message and evoking emotion with your customers.

Cross-sell Heading

The custom Cross-sell heading is shown at checkout. If your customer has a song by their favourite music artist in their shopping cart, wouldn’t it be better to cross-sell them other songs by their favourite artist and show a more personalised message like this?

“More great songs from the artist you love”

Each Download has a metabox with a field for a custom Cross-sell heading.

If the customer happens to have something completely unrelated in their cart which also triggers a cross-sell product, the fallback heading is shown.