EDD Invoices - Installation

EDD invoices allows your customers to create HTML-based invoices, which they can then print (or print to PDF) and use for VAT compliance. The customer inputs their name, address and VAT (all optional fields) upon generating the invoice. 

Once activated, go to Downloads → Settings → Extensions → Invoices and configure the invoice options.


1. Create a page for invoices

a. Create a new page (perhaps called "Invoice") and add [edd_invoices] to the main content. 

b. Select your Invoice page in the Invoice Settings (Downloads → Settings → Extensions → Invoices).

2. Configure Options

The remaining options are optional.

Logo URL: URL for the logo that appears on customer generated invoices.

Company Name and Address: The Store / Company name and address you want to appear on customer invoices.

Registration Number: Used if your Store / Company has a registration number you want to appear on customer invoices. This can be left blank if you don't have a number you want to use here.

Tax / VAT Number: Add a company tax / VAT number, if you need this to appear on customer invoices.

3. Add invoices page to settings

Make sure you've selected the newly created page in Downloads  Settings  Extensions as the Invoice page.

Generating Invoices

Customers will now be able to generate an invoice from their purchase history page.

Purchase Receipts

If you would like to add a link to the invoice generator in emailed purchase receipts, go to Downloads  Settings  Emails, select the Text view and add the following to your purchase receipt:

<a href="http://YOURSITE.com/invoice/?payment_key={receipt_id}">Generate Invoice</a>

You will replace http://YOURSITE.com/invoice/ with the URL to your invoice page.