EDD Slack - Setting up Slash Commands

To set up Slash Commands, also within your Slack App’s Settings click on “Slash Commands” then click “Create New Command”. This will bring up a window where the Settings for the Slash Command will be entered. EDD Slack utilizes a single Slash Command and routes it to different functions based on a passed parameter. Under “Request URL”, enter https://yoursite.com/wp-json/edd-slack/v1/slack-app/slash-command/submit where yoursite.com is the Domain of your site. Everything else can be customized to your choosing. We recommend setting the “Command” to /edd, but if you were to decide to name it instead /webstore or anything else that will work just fine.

You can test Slash Commands by entering /edd help within any channel you have access to. Interactive Notifications will be used in place of regular Notifications where applicable.