Integration Guide: Commissions and Frontend Submissions

The  EDD Frontend Submissions extension and the EDD Commissions automatically integrate together to make it easy to pay Vendors commissions for their products. 

Set Up Instructions:

Simply make sure you have both the EDD Commissions and EDD Frontend Submissions extensions activated under "Plugins" in your WordPress admin area. 

How the integration works:

When your Vendors submit a new product for sale through Frontend Submissions, commissions will automatically be enabled for that product and the commission receiver will automatically be set to that Vendor. Their commission rate in the product itself will be left blank. This means that their commission rate will fall-back to their user rate, which you can configure for each Vendor by editing their user profile under:

Dashboard → Users → User's Global Rate

If that user rate is also left blank, the rate entered as the default for Commissions will be used. This can be set under:

Dashboard → Downloads → Settings → Extensions → Commissions → Default rate

If you wish to override the Site Default and User Default rates for any individual product, set the rate in the product itself by editing that product and going to the Commissions metabox. There, you can enter a commission rate for that Vendor for that specific product only.

Note that the Product rate is used first. If it is blank, then the User rate is used. If that is also blank, the Site default rate is used.

Setting Vendor Paypal Emails upon registration

If you are paying your Commissions through Paypal and want to make sure your Vendors enter a Paypal email when registering, there is a field for that when both Frontend Submissions and Commissions are active. Go to Dashboard → EDD FES → Registration Form → Add Extension Created Fields → Paypal Email