Reviews - FAQ and Troubleshooting

This document goes over some of the frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for the EDD Reviews extension for Easy Digital Downloads.

FAQ and Troubleshooting:

Do users need to be logged-in in order to post a review?
Yes. No matter how you have configured the settings for this plugin, a person can not post a review if they are logged out of WordPress. They will need to have a WordPress User account in order to log in. Typically, you will want your customer to register for an account when they purchase. To make this easy for them, enable the "Require Login" option located here:

Dashboard → Downloads → Settings → Misc → Checkout Settings → Require Login

You will also want to set the checkout to show a login/register form by going to:

Dashboard → Downloads → Settings → Misc → Checkout Settings → Show Register / Login Form

If you do not wish to enable those options but still want users to be registered upon purchase, you can look at using the  Auto Register extension for Easy Digital Downloads.

Can I move where Reviews are shown on the page?
By default reviews will be shown directly beneath the "content" (which is the main text area of your product). You can not move them without doing some custom development in your theme. Note that custom development isn't provided by Easy Digital Downloads. However, there is a consultants page if you'd like to hire someone to do this development work for you:

Does the Reviews Extension integrate with Google Reviews?
The Reviews extension automatically integrates with Google's search results so your search results with product listings will show the review data like the screenshot you provided.