All Access - Restricting content using shortcodes

The All Access extension makes it possible for you to restrict embedded content so that only customers with a valid All Access pass can view it. You can choose which All Access pass is required to view which content. Because it uses a shortcode to restrict the content, you can restrict content anywhere shortcodes are accepted - from blog posts, to pages, to widgets, and more. 

Restrict content via shortcode: [edd_aa_restrict_content]

This shortcode is very simple and can be used to output content only if the customer has a specific all access pass. Example Usage:

[edd_aa_restrict_content id="YOUR_ALL_ACCESS_PRODUCT_ID_HERE"]  
Restricted content goes here. It can be anything you'd like - even HTML. 

Restrict content (or show login/purchase form) via shortcode: [edd_aa_all_access]

This shortcode is more complex and has more capabilities - but it can also be used to restrict content. It will also display a purchase/login form to logged out customers who don't have an All Access pass. Here is a quick and easy example:

[edd_aa_all_access id="YOUR_ALL_ACCESS_PRODUCT_ID_HERE"]
Your restricted content goes here. It can be HTML.

For a full run-down of how this shortcode works and everything it can do, read the shortcodes document for All Access.