Custom Deliverables - Frontend Submissions Integration

This document explains how the integration with  EDD Custom Deliverables and EDD Frontend Submissions works. 

How it works:

Your vendors (from Frontend Submissions) can deliver customized files to their customers. Note that if you want your Vendors to be notified when one of their products sells, you need to use the Commissions extension - which also lets you split the profits from a sale with the Vendor as well.

Here are the instructions for your Vendors:

1. Log into your Vendor Dashboard
2. Click on "Orders".
3. Find the order in question and click "View".
4. Under "Custom Deliverables", upload the file you've customized for the customer.
5. Click "Save Custom Deliverables".
6. Use the "Notify Customer" tool to send an email to the customer, notifying them that their files are ready to download.