Gravity Forms - How to connect Gravity Forms with Easy Digital Downloads price variations

Please note: These instructions require the Gravity Forms Checkout extension.

1. Add a Product field

In the Gravity Forms form editor, add a Product field.

Edit the Product field and give it a name you want to show users. In the example below, the product has been named "Variable Download".

2. Connect the Product field to the EDD product

There should be a drop-down field under the text "Connect to EDD Donwload". Select the EDD product from the list. If it has variations, it will display a message saying there are variations, as shown below:

3. Add an Options field

Add an options field to the form, as shown below:

4. Select the "Product Field" to connect with

Choose a product from the "Product Field" drop-down:

If the product you chose has variations, a "Load EDD Options & Prices for this Product" button should appear:

Clicking the "Load EDD Options..." button will load the price variations from the selected Easy Digital Downloads product:

5. Save the form!

Yeah, don't forget to save the form!

Advanced: How the plugin connects with the EDD Variations

Either the Name of the product variation or Price ID must be the same as in Easy Digital Downloads.

Connecting using Variation Name

The easiest way to connect the Gravity Forms option choices to Easy Digital Downloads price variations is to give them the same name. The EDD names are automatically loaded when you click the "Load EDD Options & Prices for this Product" button.

Connecting using Variation Price ID

When you enable variable pricing in Easy Digital Downloads, use the name of the price variations.

If instead you want to use a different name, use the number representing the position of the option, starting with one. In the example shown below, the "Good" variation would be 1, "Better" would be 2, and "Best" would be 3.

You can see in the next screenshot that the values that have been set are 1, 2, and 3. even though the names are different, it will be connected because those numbers match the EDD variation positions.