Gravity Forms - How to use the submitted form data instead of the current logged in user data

Please note: These instructions require the Gravity Forms Checkout extension.

The edd_gf_use_details_from_logged_in_user filter allows you to disable using the logged-in user's data by default.

Add the following to your theme's functions.phpfile:

add_filter('edd_gf_use_details_from_logged_in_user', '__return_false');

This will force the purchase data to be pulled from the information contained in the form submission.

Why this may be useful

If you are placing orders for other people, or for another email address of your own, you may not want it to use your current information.

Advanced use

The filter passes two arguments: the $entryand$formvariables. The$entryvariable is a Gravity Forms Entry array, and the$formvariable is a Gravity Forms Form array. You can use these to generate more complex logic.