Featured Downloads


The Featured Downloads extension is intended for developers/clients who need to show a list of featured downloads.

Creating the list of featured downloads

In order to add a product to your list of featured downloads, edit the product by going to Dashboard → Downloads → All Downloads and editing the product in question. Then, find the area called "Featured Download" and check the box that says "Feature this download". This will add it to the list. Repeat these steps for any other products you'd like to feature.

Showing the featured downloads on your website

Using the shortcode:

Add the featured attribute to the existing [downloads] shortcode provided by Easy Digital Downloads:

[downloads featured="yes"]

Adding custom code to your custom theme:

If you have the expertise to add custom code to your child theme, the following code can be used anywhere in your child theme's files to show the Featured Downloads:

if( function_exists( 'edd_fd_show_featured_downloads') ) { edd_fd_show_featured_downloads(); }

FAQ and troubleshooting

How are featured products ordered?
If you are using the shortcode option, featured products are ordered based on your ordering settings for the shortcode. To learn more about how products are ordered when using the [downloads] shortcode in Easy Digital Downloads, view the full document for the shortcode. If you are using the custom code example above, they will be ordered based on the date the product was published.