Starter Package

EDD Starter Package Overview

Building an  EDD Starter Package is a great way jump-start your eCommerce business while receiving a discount on our most popular extensions. Start by selecting an email marketing extension and payment gateway. From there, choose from the available lists of marketing, accounting, and miscellaneous extensions to further customize your website. 

Note: You are required to select one email marketing extension, one payment gateway, two marketing extensions, and at least one accounting extension.

Purchases made through our Starter Package include a single-site license key for each extension that will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. License keys purchased through the Starter Package will not automatically renew after the first year. Prior to your license keys expiring you will receive an email notifying you of the approaching expiration date. License keys need to be renewed each year in order to retain access to support and updates.

If you'd prefer to remove the burden of manually renewing your license keys every year, you may choose to purchase the  extensions individually. When purchased individually, and not as part of the Starter Package, extensions are sold as automatically recurring subscriptions that renew each year on the anniversary of the purchase date. Complete terms and conditions are available here.