Dropbox Sync Setup Documentation

Once  Dropbox Sync is activated (see  here for instructions on how to install an extension), a new "Dropbox Sync" submenu will be added to the main Downloads menu.

In the Dropbox Sync page, you will be presented with an option to connect your site to your Dropbox account:

Screenshot from 2014-02-04 18:17:08

Clicking the Authorize button will take you to a screen that looks like this:

Screenshot from 2014-02-04 18:17:36

Once you have successfully authorized the connection, you will be presented with an editor that lets you create the receipt:

Screenshot from 2014-02-04 18:18:07

Below are some short codes that are generated and synced after a successful purchase in your PDF. HTML is accepted. Available template tags:

{download_list} - A list of download links for each download purchased
{file_urls} - A plain-text list of download URLs for each download purchased
{name} - The buyer's first name
{fullname} - The buyer's full name, first and last
{username} - The buyer's user name on the site, if they registered an account
{user_email} - The buyer's email address
{billing_address} - The buyer's billing address
{date} - The date of the purchase
{subtotal} - The price of the purchase before taxes
{tax} - The taxed amount of the purchase
{price} - The total price of the purchase
{payment_id} - The unique ID number for this purchase
{receipt_id} - The unique ID number for this purchase receipt
{payment_method} - The method of payment used for this purchase
{sitename} - Your site name
{receipt_link} - Adds a link to the direct purchase receipt of the order on your site

To help you get started with your receipt template, here is an  example template.


Dropbox links automatically expire after 4 hours, can this be changed?

No. This setting is dictated by Dropbox and cannot be changed within your settings.The 4 hour time limit set by Dropbox will override your existing Download Link Expiration time.