Reviews - Initial Setup

1. Installation

a. Upload edd-reviews to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
b. Activate the plugin through the  Plugins menu in WordPress
c. Insert the License Key from your Purchase History in  Downloads → Settings → Licenses

2. Settings

The settings for this plugin can be found in two places: 

  • Downloads → Settings → Extensions
  • Downloads → Settings → Styles

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 16.46.55In the Extensions section, you have the option to Enable the Review Breakdown which displays a fully formatted element above the reviews section showing how many people have voted for each star.

In the Styles section, you have the option of disabling the CSS that comes with the plugin. The CSS styles certain elements which provides _some_ form of compatibility with your existing theme. (Note: the CSS provided by the plugin does _not_ provide 100% theme compatibility and changes _may_ have to be made). The CSS provided styles the reviews and the review breakdown.

3. Widgets

The plugin comes with two widgets entitled Featured Reviews and EDD Reviews.

3.1 Featured Reviews

The Featured Reviews widget allows you select a review made on the site and display it. The widget can be found under Appearance > Widgets and is really simple to set up.

a. Drag the widget Featured Review to the sidebar you wish to display it on
b. Select a review from the drop down list
c. Hit Save Changes button

3.2 EDD Reviews

The EDD Reviews widget allows you display recent reviews that have been made on the site, it works similar to how the WordPress Recent Comments widget works. Similarly, the widget can be found under Appearance > Widgets and is really simple to set up.

a. Drag the widget EDD Reviews to the sidebar you wish to display it on
b. Enter the number of reviews you wish to display
c. Hit Save Changes button

4. Viewing Reviews for a Product

Viewing Reviews for a product has been made very easily. Every review can be seen from the WordPress Comments page.
Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 16.18.32

Two new columns have been added to the two table showing the rating the reviewer has made as well as the Review Title.

Both of the fields are editable if you decide to go ahead and Edit the comment.
Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 16.18.41

5. Shortcode

The Review plugin has a shortcode that can be used to embed reviews within your theme. The structure of the shortcode is as follows:

[review id="REVIEW_ID"]

The REVIEW_ID should be replaced with the comment ID that WordPress automatically generates.

This will embed a fully formatted element in your post/page displaying the review looking like this:

5. Styling

The Review plugin has been designed to integrate as much as possible with the default WordPress Comments output so if your theme has styling applied for comments, then it's most likely that the Reviews will look very much like your comments do on blog posts. The plugin does come with styling though so that the Review Title and the Rating does render correctly.