Braintree Gateway Setup

To start processing with the Braintree payment gateway you must first enter your account details. Your merchant ID, public key, and private key can all be found on as soon as you log in. For your merchant account ID you will need to go to Account → Processing, and scroll to the bottom to see your merchant account ID.

While not required to use Braintree, an SSL Certificate is highly recommended. You can read more about this in the Braintree documentation. Be sure to also see our guide on setting up an SSL.

You can optionally enable "Submit for Settlement" to immediately submit all transactions for settlement, or "Store In Vault on Success" to store all credit cards in your vault upon a successful purchase.

All settings for this gateway are located in Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways.

Note: if you have Test Mode enabled, be sure that you enter API keys from your Braintree sandbox account. Live API keys will not work when Test Mode is enabled.

Testing a Purchase

To test that your Braintree account is properly connected to Easy Digital Downloads, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Test Mode in Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways → General
  2. Enter your API credentials in Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways (if you have not already)
  3. Add an item to your cart and proceed to the checkout page
  4. Complete the checkout form and use a test credit card number from the Braintree documentation page.
  5. Complete the purchase. If you are redirected to the purchase confirmation page, everything has worked properly.
  6. Make sure you disable Test Mode before you begin accepting real purchases.

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