MaxMind Setup Instructions

Settings for the MaxMind extension are located in  Downloads > Settings > Misc.

A license key from MaxMind for either the  minFraud or Proxy Detection service is required. To start using the integration enter your license key from MaxMind into the API key box, select the service you would like to use (minFraud or Proxy Detection), enter a maximum risk and proxy score you would like to allow, and enter the message you would like to display in cases where the purchase's risk or proxy score is too high.

If you would like to take advantage of the new device tracking feature you must be using the minFraud service. Simply go to the device tracking page on the MaxMind website to get your user ID and enter it in the appropriate box in  Downloads > Settings > Misc.

For credit card gateways that use the default EDD credit card fields, you will need to disable the MaxMind field output using the available options.

Only the country field will be displayed by default for gateways that do not use the default credit card fields. You can enable the city, state, and postcode fields for more accurate results.