PDF Invoices Setup Documentation

To get started with  PDF Invoices, the first thing you will want to do is install and activate it on your WordPress site. For instructions on how to install an extension, see  this documentation.

Once PDF Invoices is installed and activated, you can find the settings by going to Downloads > Settings > Extensions (tab) > PDF Invoices (section) in your WordPress dashboard. The settings will be listed underneath the "PDF Invoice Settings" section.

There you will find a few basic settings for extension configuration as well as fields where you can input unique information about your store to display on your invoice. Simply make your selections and fill in your store information.

PDF Invoices supports the listed template tags for use  only in the Header Message, Footer Message, and Additional Notes fields. These fields do not support templates tags from EDD or any other extensions.

Note: HTML is not support in the Additional Notes field.

You may also use the new  {invoice} template tag in the email settings found on Downloads > Settings > Emails (tab) page to put a link to the downloadable invoice in your emails.

Note: A user account is not required for customer to download the invoice via the email receipt.

Admin Access to Previous Invoices

To view PDF invoices for past purchases, you can go to the Payment History page and hover over any purchase to reveal a "Download Invoice" link. Clicking that link will give you access to the invoice for that particular purchase.

User Access to Previous Invoices

Users can access their past invoices by visiting their account page you have set up on your site using the [purchase_history] shortcode. A new column will appear in the table with direct links to invoices based the purchase.

If you have any questions or need assistance using PDF Invoices, please use the  support email form.