Setting Up Zendesk Single Sign-On

There are a couple of things you need to configure in order for the Zendesk add-on to function completely.

Setup Zendesk Configuration in Easy Digital Downloads

Go to Downloads > Settings > Misc.

There are two fields you must fill one:

  1. Zendesk Token - This is a security key generated by Zendesk. In Zendesk, go to Settings > Authentication then scroll down until you find the "Shared secret" option. Copy and paste the string of characters into the EDD settings.
  2. Zendesk Prefix - This is subdomain used to access your Zendesk support site. Your URL looks something like this: Copy the "yoursitename" part and paste it into this field.

Now create a page on your website, perhaps named Support, and place the following short code in the content of the page:


Whenever a user access this page, they will be redirected to your Zendesk support system.

Configure Your Zendesk Settings

There are a couple of settings inside of your Zendesk account that you need to setup. In Zendesk, go to Settings > Authentication and follow the steps below:

  1. Check the box for "Single Sign-On"
  2. Set "Mode" to Zendesk Remote Auth
  3. Set Remote Login URL to The yoursitename should match the prefix option you configured in the section above.
  4. Set Remote Logout URL (optional) to your site's URL: This will cause users to be redirected back to your website when they logout of Zendesk.