API Keys

EDD has an API that is used by most users to connect their mobile app to their store.  Both an iOS and Android app are available.  Below are both the iOS and the Android app asking for API keys.

You may find mobile apps here:

Each user may have API keys for interacting with EDD. These API keys may be generated at Downloads → Tools → API Keys.  Each user gets these keys:

  • Public Key
  • Secret Key
  • Token

The keys for all users may be managed by an admin on the Downloads → Tools → API Keys page.

Each user may see their own keys on their profile page.

On the settings page at Downloads → Settings → General there's an option to allow Users to create and revoke their own keys. If this is on the Users may do that on their profile page:

If you're a developer and would like more information on using the API to create new things,  please check out the documentation for that.