WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Compatibility

WordPress 5.0 has officially arrived, and with it comes a brand new editing experience for content on your site. The new content editor, commonly referred to as Gutenberg, dramatically transforms the user interface that you're used to when creating new Posts, Pages, and other post types on your WordPress site.

This new editor breaks your content down into "blocks" that you can add, remove, edit, customize, rearrange, and even save for re-use. While the editing experience you are used to, which is now known as the "Classic Editor," is still available for use until 2021, many of your favorite WordPress tools will begin supporting the new editor as the standard.

Easy Digital Downloads has every intention of keeping up with WordPress, but it will aim to do so in a way that avoids compatibility issues and bugs. Below you will find information about the current state of Gutenberg support, development plans, and additional resources in regards to the new WordPress editing experience.

This documentation will be updated as compatibility details change.

Is Easy Digital Downloads compatible with WordPress 5.0?


The new content editor will not affect the display of content on your site, including content related to Easy Digital Downloads. That means if you update to WordPress 5.0 (never do so without saving a backup), your Easy Digital Downloads Pages will display just as they did before. The only change you will see is how your Pages are edited, as they will use the new editor.

Does the Add/Edit Download screen use the new editor?


As mentioned above, the Classic Editor is still fully supported in WordPress. For post types like the Download, the Classic Editor will remain the standard until we feel it is safe to commit to the new editor. Updating to WordPress 5.0 will not change the way you create new Downloads.

How do I use the [downloads] shortcode on a Page with the new editor?

You can continue to use the [downloads] shortcode in a WordPress Page just as you did before.

For example, if you have added a Paragraph block to your content, typing the shortcode into the paragraph will result in the same grid product display when you view the published page. There is also a dedicated Shortcode block, specifically for inputting shortcodes, that produces the same results.

That said, we've also created a plugin that makes a Download block available to you in the new editor. You can download Easy Digital Downloads - Blocks directly from WordPress. Once you activate the plugin, you will be able to add and customize your product display using the new interface:

If you have any questions or concerns about Easy Digital Downloads compatibility with WordPress 5.0, please contact our support.