The  wp edd stats command will show you sales and earnings stats for your store. Running it without any parameters will give you the stats for the current month:

Screenshot from 2014-09-11 10:24:00

It also accepts several different parameters that let you view the stats for specific dates and/or products:

  • wp edd stats --date=this_month
  • wp edd stats --start-date=01/02/2014 --end-date=02/23/2014
  • wp edd stats --date=last_year
  • wp edd stats --date=last_year --product=15

You can pass any date string to the  --date, --start-date and --end-date parameters, or you can pass one of the following pre-defined periods:

  • today
  • yesterday
  • this_week
  • last_week
  • this_month
  • last_month
  • this_quarter
  • last_quarter
  • this_year
  • last_year

If you want to get the sales and earnings for a specific product, pass in  --produxt=# where is the ID number of the product:

Screenshot from 2014-09-11 10:29:52