Social Login

Note: The extension this documentation refers to is now supported by the developer, wpweb.

The  Social Login extension for Easy Digital Downloads allows customers to log into your store using an account they already have with a known social network. This allows your users to easily log in and out of your site, or simply stay logged in all the time. Reducing friction for your users will always increase sales.

Social Network Support

Social Login supports these social networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Yahoo
  • Foursquare
  • Windows Live
  • Instagram
  • Amazon
  • Paypal


Settings for Social Login are found under Downloads → Settings → Extensions → Social Login.

Reset Settings

The first option provided is to completely reset the plugin back to its original install settings.  This will remove anything you have done with the plugin since installing it.

General Settings

Social Login Title

This text will appear before the login buttons.  The default is  Prefer to Login with Social Media

Display Social Login buttons on Login page

When this option is checked the buttons will appear on the default WordPress login page.  Otherwise the login buttons would need to be manually placed somewhere in order for customers to use them.

Display "Link Your Account" button on Thank You page

This gives customers the option of linking their social network to the purchase they made immediately before. That way they can use that social login to access their products at a later date.

Enable Email Notification

When this is enabled, every time a WordPress account is connected to a social profile the site administrator and the customer will get an email notification.

Redirect URL

This should be the web address that customers should be redirected to after logging in. 

Autoregistered Usernames

When someone creates an account on the store using a social network they're not asked to create a username, one is generate for them. The names are generated using one of these three options:

  • Based on unique ID & random number (i.e. edd_slg_123456)
  • Based on real name (i.e. john_smith)
  • Based on email ID (i.e. to john_smith_example_com )

Network Settings

Each social network needs to be configured to be configured to work with your site. For most of them it's simply a matter of gathering the proper API settings and putting them in the proper fields.   Specific instructions for each network can be found here.

Additionally, each network has a checkbox to enable it for use on your site. Example:

Check this box if you want to enable Facebook social login registration.

Network Ordering and Reporting

The order that the login buttons appear can be managed under Downloads → Social Login. 

Re-ordering is done through drag and drop.  Simply move the Networks to the location you want them to appear.

Additionally there's a column for Register Count, showing how many people have registered using that particular social network.

Below the ordering box is rendered a pie chart, also showing social network usage.

Shortcode Usage

Social Logins comes with a shortcode that will render all of the network buttons for logging in:


This allows the store owner to create any kind of login page they wish. The buttons will not appear if the customer is already logged in.