GetResponse Documentation

Installing the GetResponse add-on

Once the Add On has been downloaded you can install it using the standard WordPress method.

  1. Log into the Administration Panels (Dashboard)
  2. Navigate to the Plugins | Add New menu item
  3. Click on the "Upload" link in the horizontal menu under "Install Plugins"
  4. Click the "Browse" button and locate the archive you downloaded (from above)
  5. Click the "Install Now" button
  6. Click the "Activate Plugin" link at the end of the installation messages.

Configuring the GetResponse Add-On

To configure the GetResponse Add On you will need to fill in its settings. Navigate to Downloads > Settings and click on the Extensions tab. You should see the following settings:

  1. Enter your GetResponse API key. This must be obtained from the GetResponse website.
  2. Select your default campaign.
  3. Select whether or not to display the opt-in checkbox.
  4. Select whether or not to require double opt-in.
  5. Setup the label for the opt-in checkbox.

Once you have entered the API key, press save. This will load a list of your available GetResponse campaigns into the dropdown labeled "Choose a Campaign". Select the campaign you want users to be subscribed to, and you're done!

Configuring Per-Download Settings

GetResponse also adds the ability to specify per-download campaigns to subscribe users to. Once you have entered your API key, a new meta box will be shown on downloads that looks like this:

If you wish to use a specific campaign (or campaigns) for a given download, simply select it!


What happens if I leave "Double Opt-In" unchecked?
If Double Opt-In is not enabled, you need special permission from GetResponse to have that work. Otherwise, a double-opt-in email will still be sent to the customer requesting that they opt-in. If you want this to happen automatically, without needing the double opt-in email, contact GetResponse and ask them to approve your account for this purpose.

Will customers be automatically subscribed if I don't show the option to subscribe upon checkout?
No. If you don't check the checkbox for the option called "Show Signup Checkbox" they will not be automatically subscribed upon checkout.