Amazon S3 and Frontend Submissions

The  Amazon S3 extension and Frontend Submissions can be used together so that files uploaded by vendors through the Vendor Dashboard (only using the "Download Prices and Files" field) are transferred automatically to your Amazon S3 account.


  • Amazon S3 version 2.1 or later
  • Frontend Submissions version 2.2.11 or later

When Amazon S3 and Frontend Submissions are both installed, files that are uploaded by vendors (via the " Download Prices and Files" field on the "Add/Edit Product" page in their Vendor Dashboard) will be automatically transferred to your S3 account. There are no additional settings to configure; it's all automatic.

All files uploaded by vendors will be automatically placed in the default bucket you have selected in the  Amazon S3 settings. Within the default bucket, a folder with the username of the vendor will hold that vendor's files.


  • Files are all uploaded to the same bucket
  • Files uploaded to Amazon S3 do not get stored in your local media library
  • Only files uploaded through the Download Prices and Files field are uploaded to S3