Purchase Limit Setup

Once the Purchase Limit plugin is installed there are two places to manage settings.

  1. Under the Downloads - Settings - Extensions tab you'll find global settings.
  2. On each single Download admin page you'll find setting specific to that Download.

Global settings


The global settings area allows you to set the text for the Buy button in the event of a Sell Out, and also allows you to set an error message in case someone makes it to a checkout page for a sold out Download.


Download restrictions can apply Site Wide, or Per User.

Site Wide means you have a set number of items available.

Per User means you may have an unlimited number of items, but no user may have more than a set number.

There is also an option to show how many items are available for purchase.

Date Restrictions

In addition to or instead of limiting by number you may limit downloads by date as well. You can set a begin date and/or an end date. This allows you to do things like not allow sales until a date, or close all sales at a certain date, or allow sales only between 2 dates.


Errors can be rendered inline or the user can be redirected to any page on the site. If inline is chosen, the Error Label mentioned above can be used. If redirection is chosen then it's up to the site editor to put a proper error message on that page.

Per Product

On a single product you may set a specific number of downloads for that item and/or restrict by date for that item.

Important If there is a global date restriction you may narrow it on the single page, but not expand it. For example, if the global restriction is a 4 day span, you may narrow it to fewer than 4, but not expand it to more than 4.